Be inspired by promising sustainable African entrepreneurs

OVO Business Club Africa – Meet, Greet & Share : March 9, 2020, 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM

For a few years now OVO has been supporting and selecting African entrepreneurs with social loans and business savvy know-how for good governance and running of their local entities. OVO is primarily staffed with seasoned Belgian business leaders and Business Angels who are selflessly giving their time and resource for the betterment of African entrepreneurs in launching and growing their local businesses in their countries.

A few of the recently qualified SusTech4Africa competitors in Uganda and Rwanda will present their projects at the venue mentioned below. It will be an enlightening experience for all attendees, as it will highlight OVO’s work in Africa and you will also get a chance to meet these Entrepreneurs in person.

The African Entrepreneurs attendees will attend:

BAG Innovation (Rwanda): Digital platform that connects the academic and business sector

Netot Lab (Rwanda): Smart gas manager

Crop Tech (Rwanda): Solar-powered ‘drying services’ for maize farmers

Rena Beverages(Uganda): hibiscus-based drinks

Clinic Master (Uganda): Digital tools to optimize the management of hospitals

Tukole UG (Uganda): Online market place of business and services

Akaboxi (Uganda): Digital financial inclusion

Trautbuck Energy (Uganda): Biofuel machinery and training

Innovex (Uganda): Monitoring of solar systems


7:00 PM Welcome

7:30 PM Testimonials OVO Entrepreneurs

8:00 PM Investor pitches

9:00 PM How can Belgian companies and investors contribute?

9:10 PM Networking


Roularta Media Group

Z.1. Research Park 120

1731 Zellik

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