Une trentaine d'heures dans un parc tanzanien résumées en une image

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Le photographe américain Stephen Wilkes a passé 27h dans un parc tanzanien pour réaliser une composition photographique parfaite.

Ce cliché d'un parc tanzanien, qui a nécessité une trentaine d'heures, fait partie d'une série d'images du photographe Stephen Wilkes, intitulée "Day to Night", et publiée sous forme de long reportage pour le National Geographic.

Une seule photographie de sa série est composé en moyenne de 1500 images, prise avec un obturateur manuel, durant 16 à 30 heures. Pendant le processus, Stephen Wilkes doit garder son appareil parfaitement immobile, pour que les images puissent ensuite s'assembler, donnant un résultat digne d'une peinture.

Day To Night, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Africa Last Spring, I traveled to Africa in search of a new location for my next Day To Night. I wanted to capture the passage of time as it related to the animal kingdom, and Africa's incredible landscape. I scoured the park with my assistants and our guides, hoping for a vantage point rare to the human eye. As we drove along a long dirt path, I noticed an abundance of greenery in the distance. It was a watering hole-- and as Tanzania was in week five of an unprecedented drought, this proved to be rather incredible. As I would learn in the coming days, animals of all kinds would flock to the spot, eager to share this one precious resource peacefully. In order to capture as much as I was able, my assistants and I had to hide behind a crocodile blind for 27 hours, taking in the incredible beauty of the Serengeti. It was the most grueling and rewarding experience of my life. #Africa #Serengeti #StephenWilkes #DayToNight #Tanzania

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Pour la photo du parc, le photographe et son assistant ont pris 2200 photos, et n'en ont conservé que 50. Le résultat montre les éléphants, zèbres et autres animaux sauvages se succédant pour boire tout au long de la journée.

D'autres compositions photographiques de Stephen Wilkes sont disponibles sur son site internet ou sur son compte Instagram.

Day To Night, Grand Canyon National Park. This image is one of a series featured in the January issue of National Geographic that I created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. While other images from the series have proven to be quite challenging, this image was made even more complicated by sheer logistics. How would I create an image that showed one of the most photographed places in the world in a completely unique way? My goal was to create an image that showed the majesty and vastness of the Grand Canyon, incorporating a human scale and narrative within the scene. I photographed from the top of the Desert View Watchtower at the South Rim, where my team and I worked for 27 hours scanning this amazing vista for all the unique moments from Day to Night™. Today, the image can be found at @brycewolkowitz gallery in NYC or in the January issue of National Geographic. To read the accompanying story on the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service, click the link in my bio. #NPS100 #GrandCanyon #SouthRim #StephenWilkes #DayToNight #brycewolkowitzgallery #peterfettermangallery #monroegallery

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